Report Broken Link

I want to tidy up this blog, including the link. However, there are too many broken links in this blog to the point that I don’t know where to start. Therefore, I decide to only fix the broken link that you request.

You may request me to fix the link if:
1. The link is broken / not working
2. The link is directed to selling site such as play-asia or CD Japan
3. The link is directed to my other sites such as blogspot or xiami
4. The tracks are incomplete.

There are some old requests that ask me to fix the audio, but I have no choice but to reject them since I have deleted almost all my collection. However, you may request me to fix them again because I am in a process of adding my collection. I have confidence that this time, I can fulfill your request. Ehe.

Last but not least, please support the artists by buying original CD.

Thank you.


74 responses

    1. Omatase. Both are fixed ^^


  1. Hello there!

    Can you please help to fix the broken link for this drama CD? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Many thanks in advance!


      1. Thank you so so much!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

        So sorry for the multiple posts earlier by the way. Didn’t realize my earlier comment already went through ^^;;


      2. Oho no problem. Lately I did not update my blog so I also just read you comment and approve them now


  2. Hi there! would you mind repairing this link? There are only 2 files in it, is it intentional??

    thanks in advance!


    1. ah you’re right. Unfortunately I only have two tracks, sorry >_<


  3. Hey from this cd: one of the files is corrupt. It’s the third file from the download link. At around 5:30 the audio switches out for music that doesn’t have anything to do with the cd for the rest of the track.
    I know you said you won’t fix audio tracks, but if you have time, can you look at it? Thank you so much!!


    1. I only now found out that the first file from the link has corrupt audio as well around the 4:34 mark.


      1. Ah, some of our friends also mention about that before. It seems that the audio has been censored. I do not have the fixed audio. So, I can’t help much now


  4. HI ^^ i need to say something… AND are the same audios, download both and listen the same audios of the character Ootaki Kengo, are not those of Mayama Yuusei.


      1. Ah, you’re right. I also notice that but I do not have the right audio. Sorry >_<


    1. I have fixed them all for you ๐Ÿ˜€


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