Project Request


I decided to open Project Request page for all my blog readers who want to request specific album/single which is not in my blog yet. Here are some of rules that you need to consider before request:

1. I open request for anything that you want. Not restricted for Drama CD only, but also for any Japanese song. Even if you want to request Korean songs, I will also accept them, because from now on, I will also publish Korean single/album.

3. I will give notification to you if I have published your request, or if I cannot find your request through comments on this blog (especially this page)

4. For your request, I prefer if you write the title in ORIGINAL WRITTEN TEXT. I mean in Kanji/Hiragana/Katakana, including the name of the singer/seiyuu. The romaji title is only an addition but I will also appreciate it if you include it.

5. I can’t give you promise that I will fulfill all of your requests, of course. Since my source is only one, I will say honestly if I cannot find your request there.

6. Last but not least, please DROP SOME COMMENTS if your request has fulfilled to make me more motivated to fulfill another request. 😀

We DO NOT host any images or files; those are hosted in other sites which don’t belong to us.
All audio is only for promotional purposes.
If you like a song please buy the CD & DVD and support the artist.

Happy request, minna! ^_^


99 responses

  1. Hi, can I request
    vol.4 癒し系の彼と記憶喪失になったアナタの想い出探し編 (CV.緑川光)
    Akogare no Date CD Series
    vol.4 Iyashikei no Kare to Kiokusoshitsu ni Natta Anata no Omoide Sagashi Hen
    Midorikawa Hikaru

    Thank you so much~


  2. Hi, can I request
    (Akogare no Date CD Series)
    vol.4 癒し系の彼と記憶喪失になったアナタの想い出探し編 (CV.緑川光)
    (Vol.4 Iyashikei no Kare to Kiokusoshitsu ni Natta Anata no Omoide Sagashi Hen)
    (CV. Midorikawa Hikaru)



  3. this is more of a question than a request; please ignore if you find it annoying! i was wondering if you plan to upload any tracks on places like tumblr and soundcloud where downloading files aren’t required? i would really appreciate an answer. thank you!


    1. I don’t think I will. I mean, there are already a lot of cd dramas in soundcloud and you can find them easily. So I don’t want to compete with them, at least for this time being 🙂


  4. wow thanks for your information, the SF ones works !
    thank you so much ^^~
    Im waiting for the other drama cd fixed.
    once again thank you so much !!!


    1. taisho guuzou & yoiai are fixed. The rest will be soon 🙂


    2. kuroko n genji are also fixed


      1. woah thank you !!
        everything working now, thank you so much ^^~
        btw i just want to ask, do you have drama cd ” 「√HAPPY+SUGAR=DARLIN」 ” ?
        so far it just release 6th vol


      2. yes, I have (almost) all of them. I can publish them tomorrow if you want 🙂


      3. hello there Uswatun Hasanah Ast !
        I just have a time for surfing on your blog again, and Im sorry if this reply is super late (TT^TT).
        I want that 「√HAPPY+SUGAR=DARLIN」drama cd if that’s not too late for the answer above…
        and I just read your announcement about you are gonna stop uploading and source revealed, and I want to ask you do you have the drama cd with the title “Kareshi ga Icha xx (love) wo Kyouyoushite Nichiyoubi Bed Kara Dashite Kuremasen (CV: Kimura Ryouhei) ” ? or at the source am I going to find it?

        alright then, that’s it.
        and for GANBATTE NE ^^v for your Final Task at University !! Im cheering for you right here !! GANBARE !!

        as always, I’m waiting for your reply !
        thank you so much (:


  5. Hello there Uswatun Hasanah Ast..
    First of all I want to thank you for all of the drama cd that you share at your blog.
    Thank you, Thank you so much ^^~
    may your hard work always pays off (:

    I just want to ask you, could you please make a new link for this drama cd?
    here the list bellow:
    – Ryohei Kimura – Taisho Guzo Roman Teikoku Star Yonban Boshi Fuji. Drama CD ( XF)

    – Kimura Ryohei – Yoiai CD Character CD 3 Romani Conti III Sei 9 (XF)

    -Kimura Ryouhei – TV Anime Kuroko no Basket Character Song DUET SERIES Vol.11 (XF)

    -Ryohei Kimura – Genji Monogatari Danjo Gyakuten Koiuta Murasaki no Maki (SM)

    -Kimura Ryohei – Original Drama CD “Kyuuketsu Darling” Fan Disc vol.1 (SF)

    -Kimura Ryohei – Osana najimi to Koibito no Kankei (SF)

    -Matsuoka Yoshitsugu – Photograph Journey~in Miyagi~ (SF)

    -Satoshi Hino – Photograph Journey~in Okinawa~ (SF)

    could you please take a look and make another link?
    I can’t download those drama cd 😦
    I really am sorry if I asking too much, but pretty please?
    Thank you so much ^^~
    Im waiting for your reply .


    1. thanks also for your comment.
      All of XF and SM links and broken. Since there are too many of them, I just fix the ones being requested. So I will fix the link that you requested in several days.
      For SF links, they work well on my laptop. Instead of “Download Link” try to click “Direct download link” to download the files. 🙂


  6. Doramatsu Vol. 2 – 5 please !


  7. Prince of stride bonus CD vol.3 please !!


  8. hi can u please upload back the link for つまりはLOVEということで2-B cv:藤原祐規 please? i’m dying to hear the drama cd :’) thanks for you hard work by the way!


  9. selamat siang. saya mau request:
    グラン・ステージ ロマンスレビュー 第1幕「陽央あきと」 Grand Stage Romance Review Vol.1 “Akito Hio”
    terima kasih 🙂


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