Yamanaka Masahiro – Rouge et Noir Second Barrel Mayaku torishimarikan • Makabe Ryo

5161531520516154[2018.02.28] 山中真尋 – Rouge et Noir Second Barrel 麻薬取締官 真壁亮
disc 1
1 Small Blind
2 Hole Cards
3 Preflop
4 Flop
5 Turn
6 River
7 Return
8 No-Limit


7 thoughts on “Yamanaka Masahiro – Rouge et Noir Second Barrel Mayaku torishimarikan • Makabe Ryo

  1. I really don’t like to sound like I’m complaining but how do you get Up-4 to work? I checked the captcha, waited for the countdown and clicked on the normal/free download… but it always gives me Expired Download Session notice. can anyone help?


    1. But anyway, is there any other sites that give you free access to download drama cd other than mine? I thought there are a lots so I don’t think people will complain about file hostings that I use in this site.


      1. I’m only aware of Airavalky. also there’s another Chinese forum but they’re not free. you need to buy coins to access to the downloads or something, I haven’t tried. it’s called drama333 or something, I’m not very sure.

        oh please don’t be troubled with my silly complaints. your site has been my go-to to sample drama cds. I was a bit sad you went hiatus the other day.


      2. Oh, I know about airavalky, but the site is locked and for member only, so I am only able to read the title through her google plus account.:D
        I somehow also know about drama333, kind of forgot about the name, but the site do requests some coins.
        Sorry about my hiatus. I could not login to my xiami account, so it was hard and somehow I ended up forgot about this site. 😀
        Oh, you can try xiami. That is one of my source and you can download lots of album there.


      3. yeah Airavalky is a pretty closed community and to apply for access is pretty troublesome but it’s worth it, if you asked me. they got a lot. other site is Error-World but they’re no longer updated since 2016. pretty sad. they got a lot of good stuff too.
        too bad I can’t really read Chinese so IDK how to navigate xiami. I use missevan instead for sampling purposes. don’t know if they have download options there though (bc I can’t read lol)


      4. I don’t read Chinese either, I don’t even read Japanese. Haha. But somehow, I am able to navigate the site. The easiest way through they App though.
        I have fixed the link by the way. 🙂


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