Furukawa Makoto – Ai no Aru Seikatsu Vol. 2 ~Dousei Sannenme~

82821001502101625[2017.08.16] 古川慎 – アイのある生活 Vol.2 同棲3年目
disc 1
1 少しの歪み 0
2 不器用な告白 0
3 我慢の先は 0
4 彼の気持ち


7 responses

  1. thanks for the drama cd, but why the other music in the H moment? It’s strange when you listen well and then that happens. 😦


    1. I am sorry for my ignorance but what exactly H moment?


      1. ^^ I meam sex moment, I use japanese languaje XD H (ecchi or hentai) ( >////< )
        that's why KARE PILLOW has an H and others too ^^


      2. Haha I got it, but honestly I do not really listen to drama CD r18. I usually only listen ALIVE and SOLID, the safest one. Wkwk
        Now back to the the main problem, is there anything wrong with the audio that I uploaded? 🙂

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      3. hahaha XD ok. amm yes, when I listen the audio, At first I listen to the voice of the seiyuu , but suddenly changes to songs that have nothing to do with the subject for the drama cd. 😦
        and how can you know the order of the soundtrack list ? It’s hard to me identify them XD.


      4. you can read my comments at Report Broken Link page about how to know the order of the track. Or rather, I will make another page about it later since there are lots of people who ask me the same question over & over again 😀


      5. hahaha GOOD IDEA ^^ and see the cd drama, please ^^
        thanks u :3


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