Taku Yashiro – Watashi no Kemono ~Mayama Yuusei-hen~

36742351503206282[2017.04.28] 八代拓 – わたしの獣 真山勇成編
disc 1
1 毎度どーも、ライオン急便です 0
2 昨日は大変失礼いたしました 0
3 先生はお得意犠ですから 0
4 アドバイス、ください 0
5 と’うしてち直接会って話がしたくて 0
6 なんでも知りたいじゃないですか


3 responses

  1. Thank you so much!


  2. hello, first to all thank you for you hard work! but i had a problem with this cd it sound exactly like “Watashi no Kemono • Ootaki Kengo ” maybe the files are wrong.


    1. Thank you for your information. It is as just you said, looks like I made the mistake ^^
      However, it also means that I did not have the real one yet. So sorry >o<
      I will publish the correct audio if I find them immediately.


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