Idol wo Hitorijime Suru CD 「√HAPPY+SUGAR=VACATION」 DOwnload Series


櫻井孝宏 – アイドルを独り占めするCD 「√HAPPY+SUGAR=VACATION」 1st エンジュ
disc 1
1 旅の始まり 70
2 特別なプリンセス 64
3 オペラ座にて 44
4 一番大切なこと 42
5 思い出のザッハートルテ 37
6 キャストフリートーク


梶裕貴 – アイドルを独り占めするCD 「√HAPPY+SUGAR=VACATION」 4th 宙
disc 1
1 旅行の理由は 177
2 ニューヨーク到着! 140
3 忘れられないできごと 99
4 アイラブユー! 98
5 一番に伝えたい 85
6 フリートーク


4 responses

  1. Hello, I’m having trouble downloading this (& others on xiami). I click the link but it takes me to the xiami site saying it’s not available in my country, but I was still able to use it… weird… anyway. uhm I clicked the blue button that says download high quality mp3 here & then there’s a pop up saying ‘getting your files ready.’ I waited but nothing happened o.o


    1. Jus as you said. looks like you can only download from xiami through app now


  2. Hello can you guys upload the Idol wo Hitorijime suru CD “√HAPPY + SUGAR = VACATION” 2nd Ranran ? I’ve been looking for this drama cd everywhere. Thank you.


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