SolidS「Drama Vol. 2 -Two of a kind.-」

21003554871466132922[2016.07.29] SolidS「ドラマ2巻 -Two of a kind.-」
disc 1
1 Ending is beginning -終わりとはじまり- 0
2 An encounter -出会い- 0
3 What a coincidence! -偶然だけどさ!- 0
4 In the stilly night -静かな夜に- 0
5 A head-on confrontation -勝負!- 0
6 Pride -誇り-


9 responses

  1. [IMG][/IMG]

    Unfortunately, the songs can’t be downloaded, or reproduced, are likely to have been active before but were now deleted


    1. No, it has not release yet, because there are no play button 🙂


      1. The disc are already released, but nobody upload the disc onto Xiami, because Xiami is a community who the users upload the albums


      2. Yes it is true, if the date has passed means the disc has released. What I mean by ‘release’ before is the availability in xiami 🙂


  2. permisi, aku nyoba buat akun di gak bisa2, udah berkali2 kirim kode gak masuk2 ke hp

    bisa enggak di upload ke tempat lain kyak solidfiles atau zippyshare? soalnya situs xiami susah dimengerti…



    1. Udah digantu blm say kode negara buat teleponnya jadi +62?
      Justru krn akhir2 ini q g sempet lagi buat upload ke file hosting makanya langsung ku arahkan ke situs aslinya aza 🙂


      1. udah. sampe berkali2 aku kirim kodenya gak masuk2 juga…

        masalah koneksi enggak, nomornya aku periksa gak salah…


      2. terus gimana dong ni mau download, aku gak bisa buat akun di Xiami… :”


      3. Cara masukin nomornya udah bener ga? misal nomor teleponmu 0812 11112222, jadi pilih kode negaranya +62, trus dibagian nomor teleponnya masukkan 81211112222.
        Kalo ga ada akun xiami, ga bisa di donlot soalnya…
        Mesti ku bantuin ngedaftar kh?


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