Tetsuya Kakihara – Katsubou Method, Fukurou wa Yoru ni Naku Part.1 Izumi Someya

80442051483346489[2017.01.25] 柿原徹也 – 渇望メソッド、梟は夜に哭く 一ノ仔 染谷泉
disc 1
1 宵の手招き 0
2 幸せすぎて夢を見てるみたい 0
3 偽りの幸せはもうおしまい 0
4 ぜーんぶ食べてあげる 0
5 君が一緒に諦めてくれるなら 0
6 不正解じゃない未来へ 0
7 Alone with you (Short ver.)


4 responses

  1. I wish I could download, but I’m in Europe ; – ;! Hard to make a Xiami account T _T !! Thank you for uploading ❤


    1. You may login using join account that I have registered 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Uwa– that would be the best thing that’s ever happened to me, and he best birthday present ! ❤︎ Will I send you my email– or how will this work? X.O ! ( I didn’t realise I got a reply ;-;! Sorry for my late reply to you !)

        Thank you! ❤︎


      2. Ah- found it! But– I don’t think the password is working T _ T ;! dslkjdfvhb;kjesf;k


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