Takuya Satou – Mousou Kareshi (Pet) Sewayaki Petto-kun

5002181483352989[2016.10.31] 妄想彼氏(ペット)世話焼きペットくん
disc 1
1 プロローグ 0
2 起床 0
3 お出掛け 0
4 ご飯の後に 0
5 夜更かし 0
6 朝の散歩 0
7 コミュニケーション 0
8 しつけ 0
9 一緒にご飯 0
10 就寝 0
11 エピローグ


2 responses

  1. Sarah Islamiati Hidayat | Reply

    How to download this? i’ve been trying but the site wouldn’t allow me to download


    1. It’s not a download site, but streaming site. You can only play but cannot download them. Some albums even cannot be played yet so we have to wait patiently until the audios up. For this album, the audios are not available yet you cannot play them (yet).
      Just wait a little longer until the audio released 🙂


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