Happiness YOU & ME

21003433921464068593[2016.06.01] ハピネスYOU&ME
disc 1
01 ハピネスYOU&ME 皆川純子;前野智昭;松岡禎丞;寺島拓篤
TV动画《超级恋人》片尾曲 / TVアニメ『SUPER LOVERS』エンディングテーマ
02 ハピネスYOU&ME (Ren&Haru Ver.) 皆川純子;前野智昭 281
03 ハピネスYOU&ME (Aki&Shima Ver.) 松岡禎丞;寺島拓篤 204
04 ハピネスYOU&ME (Another Ver.) 皆川純子;前野智昭;松岡禎丞;寺島拓篤
05 ハピネスYOU&ME-Instrumental- 19
06 ハピネスYOU&ME (Another Ver.) -Instrumental-


3 responses

  1. always thanks for your posting! but i can’t download. what is the password?


    1. sorry, this is the first time I use Mega, so I don’t quite understand how to share the link.
      Anyway, link is fixed, hope you can download it then. 🙂


      1. thank you♡


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