Fujiwara Yuki – Tsumari wa LOVE to Iukoto de 2-B

5522901460552291[2016.01.29] 藤原祐規 – つまりはLOVEということで2-B
disc 1
01 和哉と芳郎 藤原祐規;花江夏樹 0
02 運命かもしれない 藤原祐規;花江夏樹 0
03 夏祭りの夜に 藤原祐規;花江夏樹 0
05 特別な夏、一度きりの夏 藤原祐規;花江夏樹 0
06 勇気をくれないか? 藤原祐規;花江夏樹 0
07 おしゃべりの時間 藤原祐規;花江夏樹


2 responses

  1. hello can you please post this oneeee i really really want this cd, since other blog didnt have the download link for this cd, i really hope that you can post it. anyways, thank you for your hardwork!


  2. is there any chance you might reupload this? or perhaps sharing it privately? please?


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