15289457391428946134.png[2015.05.27] 日本ACG – JUDGEMENT/Snow-White
disc 1
01 JUDGEMENT 江口拓也;木村良平;鳥海浩輔;広瀬裕也
Win版 DYNAMIC CHORD feat.[reve parfait] 主題歌
02 Snow-White 江口拓也;木村良平;鳥海浩輔;広瀬裕也
03 JUDGEMENT (inst) 48
04 Snow-White (inst)


2 thoughts on “JUDGEMENT/Snow-White

  1. Kak,, kok gk upload AKB48 yg baru..??
    Walaupun aku juga gk suka laguu ny sih..hhe
    ohh,,iya.. Update album/single yg ada di Hello!Project terus ya,, LoVendoЯ juga..


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