Big Announcement: Stop Uploading and Source Revealed

I decided to stop uploading files about drama CD. As a change, I give you links to two streaming sites that have become my source for latest drama CD. So, instead of giving you download link, I give you streaming link.

You will know my source once you click the link for my latest update. Well, I bet you’ve never heard the sites before. But don’t worry, it is super easy to navigate the sites and I am sure you will not find any difficulties in listening to the audio.

I reveal my source because lately I am being busy with my study. Moreover, I will graduate soon from my university so I doubt I have much time to blogging like before. However, I will try to keep posting the latest update for your reference, but I cannot give you any download link anymore. Instead, you can download them directly from the source that I’ve provided.

Uswatun Hasanah Ast

Nakazawa Masatomo – Sono Ai wa Yamai ni Itaru ~ HARUTO ~

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Nakazawa Masatomo – Nochikare 1 ~ Nakimushi na Kouhai Kareshi ~

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Nakazawa Masatomo – Calling Bloom 01 HIKARU

88651981483377356 Continue reading →

Nakazawa Masatomo – Rouge et Noir Under the Gun Kantei-kan Kurusu Rei

85452211483379250-png Continue reading →

Nakazawa Masatomo – Danna-sama Series Vol. 8 (Doryou Danna-sama Kawaii Doki ga, Honsho wo Miseru Yoru)

70495491486690767 Continue reading →

Fukushima Jun – Dark Night Princess 4th Little Red Riding Hood

5788381483355883 Continue reading →

Fukushima Jun – Nochikare 2 ~ Otome na Kouhai Kareshi~

22433081483376534-png Continue reading →

Fukushima Jun – Danna-sama Series Vol. 7 (Junai Danna-sama Kanno Shousetsuka wa, Seijitsu ni Ai wo Kataru)

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Hiroki Takahashi – Danna-sama Series Vol. 09 Gekikan dan’na-sama Fukigen Joushi wa, Amayakashi Jouzu! ?

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Tsuda Kenjiro – Kazuki Den’ai ~Roku no Maki Miko ~

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